I paid the piper / I'm gon' pick the tune.

A list of music that I intend to buy, with my reasons for wanting to buy it.

Sorceress - Freeloadadoubt [Wonderwheel]
Vocalist reminds me of… who? Can’t quite decide. Nice sound, though, keeps you guessing. Here’s the album

The good old fashioned kind. E.P: here

One of those times when an artist really doesn’t look like he sounds. Sounds pretty darn good, too. Album here. Go. Get. Now.

… told you not to mess with me, Monday morning..

Proper remix. Get it and other Aroop remixes here

Alexander Lay-Far ft. Pete Simpson - Stand Up
Good, old fashioned soulful house. Just the way we like it.
Album here

Dope gems - One night affair [Heavenly Sweetness]
Nice piece of jazz fusion,  leaves plenty of space for the drummer to fill in..
Free DL here.
Album, and lots of other interesting stuff from the Heavenly Sweetness label, here.

Markus Stockhausen & The Metropole Orkest - Felice
Up tempo big band composition with a nu jazz backbone. Brings back memories of MdCL’s/Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra’s “Take the space Trane

Get it here.

Muzart - Soundwaves
More of that “spring has sprung” sound. This is the kind of up tempo, half nu jazz/half broken, catchy sun-drenched vocals business that made me love Sunday nights @ Velvet Rooms.
Not many people making these kind of tunes at the moment. Shame.

Not sure how I missed this one, album came out in 2013 …

Yaaba Funk - Political War
On “My vote dey count" featuring contributions from, amongst others, Jason Yarde and Daz-i-kue. Released today.
Go. Get. Now.


Reva Devito - Kisses

Spring-like, soul-slash-pop. Close enough to soul to get listed here.
Can’t find an album… Record label has a lot of good stuff on soundcloud.